• Dawn Samuel and students
    Black Students and Their Families

    Dawn Samuel considers best practices for inclusion and engagement, focusing on promoting positive interactions with Black students and their families and acknowledging histories and experiences of systemic discrimination.

  • teacher with students outside in snow
    Nature-Based Edution

    Tanya Murray celebrates the growing cultural and edutional movement toward nature-based edution and inquiry as a way to create powerful learning experiences with and for our students.

  • Book cover for M is for Mustache
    Flamingo Rampant

    Gordon Nore considers the importance of representing the diversity of our classrooms and communities in the literature we teach.

teacher and students in classroom

Melissa Rabess and PeggySue Bacon reflect on their experience of Project Overseas.

People at Rally for Edution at Queen's Part in 2012

ETFO has a long history of advoting for and negotiating signifint improvements to edutor working conditions and student learning conditions. There’s no doubt that our collective efforts have helped make Ontario’s public edution system one of the best in the world.

By Sam Hammond

When I think about the importance of providing all Ontario students with the public edution they deserve – class sizes that allow them to get the individual attention they need, resources to help them excel to the best of their abilities and the critil special edution supports needed to ensure equity for every student – I think about our commitment to ensuring that every child is offered a promising future.

By Sharon O’Halloran

Since the fall, ETFO has been working to respond to government consultations on edution. At the same time, we have been planning our own mobilization and engagement efforts, working in solidarity with parents and other allies, and doing the important day-to-day work of the federation – workshops, conferences and services to members.

By Izida Zorde

The spring issue of Voice considers how we practise inclusion in our classrooms, and reflects on the impacts of the Conservative government agenda on Ontario students and edutors and the importance of mobilizing our members and engaging our communities.


By ETFO Voice

Voice has been awarded the nadian Association of Labour Media’s 2018 Katie FitzRandolph Award for best regular print publition.

Students sitting at large desks in classroom
By Mandi Hardy

The point of talking about privilege is not to make people feel bad, or guilty; it is that recognizing privilege is the only hope we have of breaking down the system to make it fairer for everyone.

Aboriginal community members marching down street
By Rachel Mishenene

On June 1, 2008, just days before the Prime Minister’s public apology to residential school survivors and their families and communities, the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established.